Do you want to promote your brand, invite your clients to a cocktail reception or launch a new line of products in a grand hotel, heart of a vineyard or on top of a mountain? All year round, entrust your corporate events to our Diners en Ville team.


A very impactful term that makes a bigger impression. Refers to the everything a company does to customize an event to their brand in order to promote said brand or a new product (decoration, accessories, goodies, kakemonos, customization …)


That which stands out thanks to its singular nature and its exceptional character. All the projects that we organize are unique.


The chosen few!


The event that celebrates the official opening of a place, shop or event


When the sun goes down and magic settles in and everything becomes possible


A compulsory quality for a good event planner. This is a second nature for the Diners en Ville teams.


Being a professional is not only making your customers’ dream come true, it’s also protecting them. You guarantee that the event is a hundred percent supervised.


Something that is much more valued by our American friends than in our country. All the more reason to prove you otherwise. At Diners en Ville, we love challenges!