Brunch between friends, garden party, picnic at the beach, surprise dinner or birthday party, our event planning agency organises Diners en Ville and private events in Nice and all over the French Riviera, suited to all your wants and needs.

Happy New Year !

We promise that you will shout it! How about a New Year’s Eve that you will remember? Why suffer the end-of-the-year chores when you can organize it with us for a change?


One day per year that allows all children from 7 to 77 to indulge in acute selfishness; all while being congratulated by the arrival of a cake topped with as many candles as they have years, to be blown out in a single breath if you want to finally get the tons of gifts that are awaiting.

Photo Booth

An ephemeral photo studio (a background and an accessory trunk are also available) that allows the guests to have fun (and that gives the hosts something to blackmail the guests with). A nomadic and stand-alone version also exists: the Polaroid table. The device is placed in the middle of the table, allowing the guests to indulge in selfie-taking and providing an instant souvenir.

Particular Partner

Our name for the faithful providers of Diners en Ville, the guarantee of great services (Deli Bo, Sophie Boulet, Lionel Bouffier, Couleur Nice…)


One of the little words that you will feel like shouting whenever your favourite organizer has an idea.

Dinners between friends

An event that you can make on your own but which will become something unforgettable if you dare give us carte blanche.


A simple and unavoidable moment of conviviality. It can also refer to the cocktail party time of an event, a key moment for the success of the rest of the party.


The one(s) who give(s) life to the projects of Diners en Ville. Nothing would be possible without You!

Save the Date!

The announcement that comes before the official invitation so that your future guests don’t plan to go on vacation at the same time as your event. In real life, many have trouble grasping the concept: “But why is there no  invitation ?”