Once Upon A Time

From commitment ceremony photos to an engagement dinner, wedding decorations, guest gifts, flowers, reception venue to the all important gown, Diners en Ville will be by your side through every stage of the wedding preparation process. A made to measure package to ensure the most beautiful day of your lives becomes a reality.

Oui !

This magical word. The only one that changes a life. Three letters that make you feel as if you could lift mountains, that nothing is impossible. One single word that rhymes with eternity on this very special day.

Nuptials & Wedding Night

1. The part of your wedding where everyone parties. It’s the best part, the one that gives you room to breathe, to relive the tension and to enter the dance floor. It is your party, and we will work behind the scenes to help you and your guests enjoy it until dawn.

2. For the first time in a year, you’ll sleep afterwards!

Composition Florale

Flower Arrangement

A living decorative piece full of colours, fragrances and freshness that sets the tone. Roses for the most romantic, peonies in May… The composition changes with the seasons and with your personality.


The English word for “fiançailles”.  Slightly old-fashioned, yet is synonymous with promise and, let's face the truth, girls, with 'beautiful ring', too.


The act of binding two souls for the best and for the best.

Perfect day

The very special day! Can triggers flushes, sudden bursts of joys, senseless anxieties, divine daydreaming… The day that turns the bride-to-be hysterical.


From the accompaniment of the pièce montée or of the wedding cake to the jewellery in your hair without forgetting the adornment of the tables or of the church, it encompasses everything that enlivens and embellishes the slightest visible details of your special day in one way or another.



“Being on cloud nine” and “not a cloud in sight”: Diners en Ville promises that you will experience and feel these (and we even take care of the weather!)


Wedding ring

A precious metal jewel that you are to slip on the left ring finger of your new spouse when you are exchanging your vows, and that you must never take off for any reason (except if you are a surgeon and you must go into the operating room)


Peace of mind

When you let Diners en Ville handle the organization of your special day. You will say this word at least once a day before the ceremony and once an hour in the final week. It will grace every minute of your wedding (until your last guest slips out).

Invitation de mariage

Wedding invitation

A gesture from the engaged couple to seal a friendship forever. Make sure to not forget anyone, as that would be pretty unforgivable.

It comes with the famous “wedding announcement”, a card sent to the guests, the answer of which is left for the bride and groom-to-be to guess.



The ceremony during which you say “Yes” to each other. Also the special day that you have been preparing for over a year, that almost ruined you and that flees in the twinkling of an eye. 

Enterrement de Vie de Jeunes Mariés / Fille / Garçon

Bachelor(ette) party

A revenge more or less planned by the groomsmen or the bridesmaid in retaliation of everything you made them suffer since the announcement of your engagement.