Have you ever wondered how to make the event of your dreams into a reality? At Diners en Ville, our creativity overflows with originality, motivated by a passion to rise to the challenge, no matter how crazy the idea may seem: a masked ball, a treasure hunt, an alternative trade show… In Nice, on the Côte d’Azur or at the end of the world, the only thing missing is you!

Show (alternative)

The first good idea that came out of Diners en Ville's magic hat (no, not, not Harry Potter's). We felt like breaking the codes of a traditional business gathering format and showing products or services to an audience of experts.


Another one of these small superlative words that give chic, shock and hush (we must remain confidential) to the events planned by Diners en Ville.

Pop Up

“It goes bang, shebaw, pow, wizzz…” A trendy term that we like to use (sometimes too much) to refer to any ephemeral activity, operation or event (like a pop up store…)


An event that is supposed to catch the attention of art lovers and potential collectors. In truth, the previews instead draw people who are attracted to the petit fours, the bar and the flashlights. 


The loyal and faithful friends who always answer the invitations to the events organized by Diners en Ville. Join us, and increase your circle!


Original, off the beaten path, our Mary Poppins-like added value. The very foundation of  the Supercalifragilistic proposals.


A word that we love to use and that you won’t be afraid to make yours when you associate with our projects.

Light and bright

Undoubtedly what most faithfully characterizes the “Diners en Ville” state of mind. Atmosphere, colours, photography, proposals … it is the motto in all our projects.


A vital quality for anyone working in event planning, particularly at Diners en Ville. It’s another word for “creativity”, the sparkle that makes miracles come true.

False Organizers

Anyone who thinks that event planning is not a complex work that requires precision, dedication and expertise in the face of countless constraints. Refers to all those who mistake a job and a hobby (similar deceptions occur in some related activities, the most known of which is photography).

Retro Planning

The indispensable tool of any good event organizer. It allows us to build a path of milestones and deadlines toward making our great idea come true!


The world would be quite sad without these oddballs. The sparkle, the merchant of colours, the whimsical genius, all these small extras that gives value to the little things.


The small, elusive things that turn a good project into a great one.


None! Are you happy? More seriously, it is at the core of Supercalifragilistic. It is the source of the new enterprise that Diners en Ville then designs and shapes into form to make it come true.


L’air du temps

Keeping up with the times

To be in vogue :)


We put them in a box to suggest all the crazy things that we might happen to think of.


Without them, how would we do our job?


Exceptional human beings whose sole presence (and, admittedly, whose abilities)  transcends an event.


Unique and memorable


A list stored in a small notebook, a USB flash drive or an old-fashioned register. Contains Diners en Ville’s select service providers for any type of needs (from the most ordinary to the most eccentric ones). A business card for every specific needs!